College of Mass Communication and Media Arts
#SIUDAY March 1, 2017

The College of Mass Communication and Media Arts study how media technologies tell stories, entertain mass audiences, and educate citizens of the world.  The college teaches students how to be responsible and creative in their media making.  They are able to teach these values through hands-on learning with programs such as the Big Muddy Film Festival (the longest running student-run film festival in the United States), the Daily Egyptian student newspaper, and the Emmy Award Winning River Region Evening News, which students write, edit, produce and anchor a live half-hour newscast, viewed in more than 300,000 households. 

Faculty, staff, and students cultivate an appreciation of the media’s special role for citizens and professional media makers working across a spectrum of cultures and political systems. The college is made up of three specializations: Cinema and Photography; Journalism; and Radio, Television, & Digital Media.  Students across all three specializations are able to focus on one area of study while having the ability, through collaborative teaching, to learn about each program. 

Your contribution is an investment in our students’ success.  We are thankful for your generosity.

Daily Egyptian Fund: The purpose of this is to fund the operation of the Daily Egyptian.

River Region Evening News: This helps support the River Region Evening news and expenses associated with the daily live newscast on WSIU-TV. 

Big Muddy Film Festival: The purpose is to support the annual Cinema and Photography Big Muddy Film Festival.  In addition to assisting with providing national and international visibility to the Big Muddy Film Festival, this will also provide additional funds for the Big Muddy Film Festival budget and fund students who are involved in the production of this film festival. 

Staley River Region Evening News Challenge
More than 70 students from across the SIU campus come together each semester to produce the River Region Evening Edition, a live, half-hour newscast aired on WSIU-TV. Staffed entirely by volunteer student broadcasters and journalists, this program gives students the opportunity to work in a news environment with real deadlines. The Staleys will match every dollar received up to $5,000 in support of the River Region Evening News. Please demonstrate your support of these students and their efforts by making a gift on March 1st.
$3,293 MATCHED
Tilden Parks Challenge
Mr. Parks will match every dollar received on March 1st up to $10,000 in support of the Daily Egyptian Fund at SIU. Mr. Parks is encouraging everyone to show their support by giving generously on this day. Rise to the challenge and make an impact on student lives. Please make your gift TODAY!
$10,000 MATCHED
Saluki Cares Challenge
Saluki Cares facilitates and coordinates a university-wide program of care and support for students in distress. In addition to fostering a supportive environment, the program connects students to campus resources and provides students with opportunities to overcome personal and educational barriers on their path to success. The SIU Alumni Association will match every contribution to Saluki Cares up to $4,000 during #SIUDAY.
$4,000 MATCHED
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