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School of Law
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Southern Illinois University’s School of Law is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools.


A legal education at our School of Law is shaped by what we value: students, teaching, scholarship, service, and community.  The nationally ranked Lawyering Skills Program and the award-winning ABA Gambrell Professionalism Series bridge the gap between theory and practice, thus, preparing graduates to function effectively as professionals.  Both programs are incorporated into the first-year curriculum as an effort to begin practice-ready instruction during the initial year of law school, and continue as students progress toward their degree.


The School provides a rigorous, high-value legal education that prepares our students for the challenges of a 21st century legal career.  Our curriculum equips students for a career in any environment, ranging from a legal aid office and large urban law firm, to a corporate board room and government agency.


School of Law faculty members are distinguished practitioners and accomplished academicians.  They are not only known for their legal research and scholarship, but also for their ability and commitment to instruction.


Our alumni are a testament to the success of the SIU School of Law. Since the first class graduated in 1976, the number of SIU School of Law graduates has grown to more than 4,000. Our powerful alumni network is a great tool that assists students as well as graduates in a variety of ways, including externships and employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Alumni practice law in 48 of the 50 states and internationally in more than 10 countries, and more than 100 hold or have held federal and state judgeships.


You have a unique opportunity to invest in a program that is enjoying measurable results.  Please partner with the School of Law and invest in a bright future for our students and activities.  Please see our funding priorities below and click Give Now at the top of the page to make your gift. 


School of Law Strategic Excellence Fund
Donations to this fund support a wide variety of programs and activities including student organizations, scholarships, technology, travel, supplies, and events.

School of Law Student Scholarship Fund: Provides scholarships to benefit students in the School of Law.

Suzanne J. Schmitz Scholarship Fund:  Provides scholarship support to law students who need financial assistance with Bar Preparation expenses.

Moot Court Activities Fund:  Benefits the School of Law Moot Court teams.

The Law Journal Fund:  Benefits the Southern Illinois University Law Journal.

Mock Trial Team Fund:  Provides funding for the team such as travel costs to compete across the country.

Law Clinical Programs:  Funding for student programming in the Civil Practice, Domestic Violence, and Juvenile Justice Clinics.

Veterans’ Legal Assistance Program:  Provides funding for the program that provides free legal assistance to Veterans in Southern Illinois.

School of Law Special Events Fund:  This fund will provide the support to implement a number of events that bring the alumni, faculty, and students together. 

School of Law International Human Rights Fund:  Supports a fellowship for a law student working in the international human rights field.

SIU Law Library Operating Endowment Fund

William Enyart Bar Preparation Fund: Provides support for recent SIU School of Law graduates who have just completed their third year of law school and are studying for the bar exam

Class of 1979 Scholarship Fund (in honor of John Lynn)

David C. Johnson Scholarship Fund:  Provides scholarships to first-generation college students.

Professor Bill Schroeder Scholarship Fund

Jennifer Camero Scholarship:  Provides scholarships to students with an interest in Business or Transactional Law.

Departments with the Most Gifts!
Check out which department has brought in the most gifts for SIU Day!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Balancing Education, Experience, & Reality Schp. 950
2 School of Medicine 369
3 Saluki Athletics 254
4 College of Health and Human Sciences 219
5 College of Agricultural, Life & Physical Sciences 197
6 College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 170
7 College of Engineering 155
8 Marching Salukis (Liberal Arts) 141
9 School of Law 128
10 College of Business and Analytics 125
11 School of Education 124
12 College of Liberal Arts 107
13 Touch of Nature 78
14 Morris Library 76
15 Student Affairs 69
16 SIU Alumni Association 66
17 Strong Survivors 65
18 The Arts (Liberal Arts) 59
19 WSIU Public Broadcasting 56
20 General University Scholarships 53
21 Diversity Initiatives 46
22 Paul Simon Public Policy Institute 43
23 University Museum 33
24 Student Multi-Cultural Resource Center 32
25 Green Roof Project 27
26 Graduate School 23
27 University Honors Program 23
28 SIU Press 19
29 SIU Arboretum 17
30 Center for Archaeological Investigations 14
31 Center for International Education 12
32 Civil Service Council Education Assistance Program 10
33 Research 7
34 SIU Wellness and Health Promotion Services 7
Departments by Dollars Raised
Check out which Department has raised the most throughout SIU Day!
Rank Department Raised
1 School of Medicine $373,761.00
2 College of Liberal Arts $327,877.00
3 College of Business and Analytics $320,638.00
4 Saluki Athletics $270,124.29
5 College of Health and Human Sciences $190,391.94
6 College of Agricultural, Life & Physical Sciences $131,183.82
7 Morris Library $113,270.00
8 College of Engineering $103,696.90
9 School of Law $97,470.00
10 School of Education $70,639.00
11 Balancing Education, Experience, & Reality Schp. $65,724.53
12 General University Scholarships $55,046.00
13 Touch of Nature $52,325.00
14 College of Mass Communication and Media Arts $51,385.94
15 The Arts (Liberal Arts) $36,075.00
16 SIU Alumni Association $16,277.00
17 Marching Salukis (Liberal Arts) $11,999.88
18 Paul Simon Public Policy Institute $8,335.00
19 Diversity Initiatives $6,695.00
20 University Museum $6,270.00
21 WSIU Public Broadcasting $5,945.00
22 Strong Survivors $5,770.00
23 Student Affairs $5,260.18
24 Graduate School $2,035.00
25 SIU Press $1,955.00
26 Student Multi-Cultural Resource Center $1,870.00
27 University Honors Program $1,555.00
28 Green Roof Project $1,550.00
29 SIU Arboretum $1,505.00
30 Center for International Education $1,420.00
31 Research $920.00
32 Center for Archaeological Investigations $735.00
33 Civil Service Council Education Assistance Program $500.00
34 SIU Wellness and Health Promotion Services $270.00
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