College of Liberal Arts
#SIUDAY March 7, 2018

Academic diversity, which is the essence of a traditional university education, is a hallmark of the disciplines and majors housed within the College of Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts is a major part of the University Core Curriculum because with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, students can build strong professional careers in any major discipline. The college offers a wide range of majors, minors and also interdisciplinary programs.

Your contribution is an investment in our students’ success.  We are thankful for your generosity.  Our fund priorities are listed below.


Africana Studies Fund:  To support the Department of Africana Studies.

Anthropology Department Endowment Fund:  Support of student research, such as travel, materials, etc.

Art Development Fund:  To benefit the School of Art and Design.

Center for Archaeological Investigations Activities Fund:  To support the CAI activities including conferences, travel, professional staff support, and research related support.  

Communication Studies (Speech Communication) Activities Fund:  Carrying out the mission of the Department of Communication Studes (Speech Communication).

Criminology and Criminal Justice Fund:  To enhance the activities of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice.  

Economics Alumni Fund:  Financial assistance for worthy students, support of research, travel expenses,and educational expenses in the department.

English Activities Fund:  To be expended for general needs of the Department of English under the supervision of the department chair.

Foreign Language & International Trade:  Support of the Department of Languages, Cultures, and International Trade program activities.  

Foreign Language & Literature Fund:  Financial support for departmental programs.

Geography & Environmental Resources Development Fund:  Support the department, student activities, and education; such as travel, lectures, colloquium series, scholarships, classroom upgrades, equipment, etc.

Department of History Activities Fund:  The funds are to be utilized by the department for:  1) graduate development. 2) incidental departmental expenses not available in departmental accounts and 3) providing adequate facilities and expenses for visiting lecturers.

Linguistics Activities Fund:  Funds are used to benefit the Department of Linguistics

MPA Development Fund:  To be used to support the activities of the MPA program. Funds raised will help purchase equipment and activities for the program. Activities may include travel, auto, contractual services and commodities.

Paralegal Studies Activities Fund:  To benefit the Paralegal Studies program.

Philosophy Activities Fund:  Funds are to be used for the benefit of the Department of Philosophy.

Political Science Development Fund:  Account to support equipment purchases and student and faculty activities in the Department of Political science.  Activities may include travel, auto, contractual services and commodities.

Psychology Activities Fund:  To bring in speakers for the colloquium series, to assist the grad students in travel expenses, and to assist in the functions of Psychology RSOs (registered student organizations).

Sociology Department Activities Fund:  To enhance the Department of Sociology.

CoLA Academic Excellence Fund:  To provide funding to support and enhance academic excellence in the College of Liberal Arts.

CoLA Undergraduate Scholarship Fund:  Undergraduate scholarship support to students who have declared a major in the College of Liberal Arts. 

College of Liberal Arts Activities Fund:  To support the mission of the College of Liberal Arts.

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Rank State Gifts
1 IL 46
2 MO 4
3 NY 3
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Participating Groups with the largest number of gifts
Rank Department Gifts
1 College of Agricultural Sciences 203
2 School of Medicine 137
3 College of Applied Sciences & Arts 128
4 College of Education and Human Services 100
5 School of Law 78
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