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#SIUDAY March 7, 2018

The mission of Library Affairs is to support the instructional, research, and service needs of SIU Carbondale.  Library Affairs improves the lives of everyone shaped by the SIU experience by assuming a leadership role in providing intellectual, bibliographic, instructional and physical access to information resources.  The organization identifies user service its top priority.


Morris Library is the cornerstone to the excellent education the students of SIU Carbondale receive. Over the years, Morris has evolved from a collection of traditional print materials to a cornucopia of information where students can pursue every path their curiosity takes them.  The focus continues to be on being forward thinking while striving to serve the citizens of the state and scholars of the nation and world.   Morris Library furnishes the facilities and equipment necessary to meet technological needs; house, develop and preserve collections; and provide optimal space for users, staff and services.


Thank you for investing in Morris Library.  We are grateful for your generosity.  Our fund priorities are listed below.


Library Facilities/Technology Fund: The purpose is to provide funding for Morris Library facilities and technology, including student laptops, scanners, 3-D printers, and collaborative workstations.   

Library Excellence Fund: This fund supports the services and collections of Morris Library.

Morris Library Building Improvement Fund: The purpose is to support the building improvements including renovations and repairs to Morris Library.

Library Special Collections - To purchase library materials (e.g. books, journals, microfilms, etc.) for the Special Collections Division of Morris Library

Carl Schweinfurth Fund: The purpose is to support the African Studies collections. 

Humanities Library Fund: This helps support the purchase of library materials including books, microfilms, journals, etc., for the humanities division of Morris Library.


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