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#SIUDAY March 7, 2018

The Division of Student Affairs at SIU is committed to supporting the mission of the University by providing purposeful and engaging programs, resources and spaces.  The goal is to create a comprehensive experience that supports and challenges all students to achieve their academic goals and realize their personal potential.

Student Affairs professionals facilitate student transition into the campus community, promote student involvement in out-of-classroom learning experiences, assist student organizations, provide leadership training and coordinate a wide range of programs and services designed to foster student learning.  Please see our funding priorities below.  


Dean of Students:

Saluki Care Fund, supports the Saluki Cares program.  Saluki Cares facilitates and coordinates a University-wide program of care and support for students in distress.  By working closely with faculty, staff, students and their families, SIU Carbondale displays a culture of caring by demonstrating to our students and families that they are an important part of the community.


University Housing/Residence Life:

University Housing Leadership Scholarship Fund. Join the many University Housing Employees who regularly donate from their wages for this important scholarship. Each year a non-compensated student leader from on-campus housing is chosen from a pool of applicants to receive a $1000 award. Award recipients commit to remaining on campus the following year to continue exercising their outstanding leadership skills.

University Housing Academic Early Warning Initiatives. In its third year and in partnership with academics, the Academic Early Warning program is paying dividends in the form of promoting student success. Academic Peer Advocates (APAs) are student staff dedicated to react to early warning signs to ensure students are aware of campus resources designed to help them succeed. Often times APAs follow up to ensure students took advantage of the appropriate resource to overcome obstacles to success. When not reacting, APAs reach out to fellow students proactively to provide helpful tops and training in test taking skills, studying, memorization, note taking, etc. Assessment data shows that this initiative is a statistically significant success in helping students succeed. Your donation to the Academic Early Warning program will help ensure we are able to continue providing this important and effective tool to help our students succeed.

University Housing Residence Life Leadership Development. Residence Life leadership development is literally leading the way in developing leaders of tomorrow. You may be familiar with such organizations as the Black Togetherness Organization (BTO), Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) which develop and provide programs like the annual Tunnel of Oppression, recognize outstanding leadership from the top 1% of on-campus leaders, and provide other highly impactful student-run programs. Students who take a leadership role on campus are much more likely to become leaders in other campus organizations as well as in life beyond college. Leadership development does not just happen, dedicated staff work tirelessly with emerging leaders to hone leadership skills while literally serving thousands of their peers. Your donation will aid in the development of these leadership programs and ensure the ongoing programs and success of Salukis in and outside of the classroom now and throughout their lives beyond our campus borders. 


Center for Learning Support Services:

Center for Learning Support Services provides a complete range of academic services to enable students to become independent learners. The Center works with students directly in tutoring, academic support, testing services and academic coaches.


Student Center:

Student Center, Leadership Programs:  Educationally purposeful activities to assist in the advancement of Leadership Programs

Saluki Food Pantry:  The Saluki Food Pantry provides food assistance to students in times of need, helping them to stay in school and meet their educational goals.

John Corker Lounge: The Corker Lounge is named in honor of former SIU Director John Corker who passed away December 2017.

Student Center: To support the programs and services offered by the Student Center.

Saluki Strength Breast Cancer Scholarship:  This scholarship has been established to bring awareness and provide assistance for SIU Carbondale students whose lives have been affected by breast cancer.

The Service to Southern Scholarship:  This scholarship has been established to recognize an outstanding senior who exemplifies the spirit of SIU through academics, involvement and service.


Student Health Center:

Student Health Services, Student Health Programs Development Fund:  To support the health and wellness programming that improves the health of SIUC students and promotes a healthier campus community

Student Health Services, Perseverance Scholarship Fund:  To provide scholarships to first generation students that have overcome adverse circumstances in order to pursue their academic goals at SIUC


Recreational Sports and Services Fund (will benefit the needs below):

Paddleboats  $2100.00/boat  would like 6

Paddleboats are needed to replace aging ones that have been stored at Campus lake for 20+ years now and are in need of repair. The paddleboats are used by students to paddle out on the Campus lake and to enjoy the lake from the solitude of a small paddleboat!

Safety boat            $2,500.00

A safety boat is also needed to replace an older one that has been at Campus lake for 25+ years. A jon-boat, this boat is needed for safety patrons and for events for the RSS staff.

9.9 Yamaha motor            $2500.00

This new motor is needed to again replace an aging one for the needed safety boat (see above)

The outdoor fitness pieces we have on the trail date back 20+ years and are aging. We know they get excellent use and we would look to replace/ set up a new outdoor fitness trail that either would be placed around the trail or at a designated site just beyond the dam east of the Becker Pavilion. There are two options below that we identified that would serve students and users very well.

Outdoor Fitness Package                               $30,000.00

20 Units

Outdoor Functional Fitness Package          $15,000.00

10 person

Sit in Kayaks                                                     $450.00/boat     would like 3

As we get back on the water, we see the need to increase our kayak total to accommodate the expected use at Campus Lake. These would add to the 6+ plus we already have.

Sit on top kayaks                                             $450.00/boat     would like 3

As we get back on the water, we see the need to increase our kayak total to accommodate the expected use at Campus Lake. This would add to the needs we have and can be used for training as well in Shea and also at Touch of Nature.

New life vests                                                   $25.00/vest        would like 25 so $625.00-$750.00

We have not replace outdoor life vests in 10+ years and are in need of 25 to replace old one for all of the activities on Campus Lake.

New canoe paddles                                         $20.00/paddle   would like 20 new paddles

To replace and add to existing inventory and can be used in a variety of ways. 


Rainbow’s End Child Development Center:

Rainbow’s End Child Development Center was established to meet the need for quality and convenient child care for the children of SIU faculty, staff and students.  The primary goal of the Center is to provide a secure, educational, and positive atmosphere for children.


SIU Sustainability: 

Promoting sustainable initiatives, SIU Sustainability collaborates across academic disciplines and operations campus-wide. Donations will support our Sustainability Activities Fund and can be ear-marked for any of the following: Student Sustainability Travel Award, Sustainability Fellowships, Green Fund, and Recycling Program. More details about these programs can be found here:


Career Services:

Career Services strives to educate and empower SIU students and alumni with the knowledge to successfully discover and achieve their career goals.  We provide services and programming in the areas of career development, professional development, experiential education, and employer engagement.  Funds will be used for placement office functions and activities.  


Disability Support Services:

Disability Support Services funds are needed to purchase assistive technology for students with disabilities. Technology can level the playing field and provides students with the tools they need to have a fair shake at success. Your donation helps to get technology in the hands of students who need it most.  Funds will be used to provide assistive technology software to students who don’t have the financial means to purchase it for their personal computers and tablets


Veteran Services: 

Veteran Services funds a scholarship for Illinois National Guard Members to pay fees which are not waived by Illinois National Guard Grant.


Achieve Program:

Achieve Program Activities Fund (102012U): Achieve has been helping SIU students succeed in college for over 30 years. We serve students with learning differences and related difficulties, such as, learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, processing disorders, and attention deficit disorders. Funds will be used to support Achieve Program activities.


Students’ Legal Services:

Students’ Legal Services provides legal education materials (i.e. brochures, handouts, etc).  In addition, providing legal advice, counseling, and/or representation, the office conducts preventive legal education presentations and participates in New Student Programs’ Open Houses, Orientations and WOW.  The information would be disseminated at these events. 


Center for Service Learning & Volunteerism:

The Center for Service Learning & Volunteerism encourage students to volunteer with community organizations, gain a better understanding of civic responsibility and help students become aware, engaged, caring citizens.  The Center’s programs including Saluki Volunteer Corps and AmeriCorps National Service contribute to the university service mission and promote strong relationships with Carbondale and the region.


Non-Traditional Student Services:

Non-Traditional Student Services would like support for The Big Event, the largest one-day service event for SIU students, faculty, and staff.  

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