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#SIUDAY March 7, 2018

The University Museum opened in the Old Main building in 1874 with the opening of Southern Illinois Normal University. Through the years, the Museum was housed in 10 different places across campus before finally moving into the Faner building in 1974. The mission of the University Museum is to Make creativity and scholarship visible and exciting for the University and the larger Southern Illinois community. The Museum's 140 Anniversary Year was in 2014. 


Your generous support on March 7th will allow the museum to stay committed not only to curating collections and resources for the SIU community but also the greater Southern Illinois region.  From special programs and tours to hands-on workshops, the museum engages the entire region with its impressive collections, knowledgeable staff, and interactive atmosphere. 


Friends of University Museum Fund: Funds raised are used for the support and development of  the University Museum. We use these funds for the overall operation of the Museum including exhibits, tours, collections, workshops, and so much more.


Museum Conservation Fund: With a collection of some 70,000 objects, the University Museum has many objects which need the attention. This fund will be used for the conservation and preservation of the University Museum's collections. Conservation treatments are carried out by professional conservators but the museum also includes a broad range of conservation and preservation practices that require funds including reframing objects with archival materials, purchasing archival supplies for object storage, environmental monitoring, and more.

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