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Every SIU student benefits from the generosity of donors who support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Following are just a few ways you can make a difference helping students succeed. To discuss these and other opportunities to support the the needs of a diverse student body, contact Sherrica Hunt, director of development, 618/453-4925.

At SIU, we celebrate the individuality of each student by fostering an environment of inclusion and engagement. Our dedication to diversity is rooted in our history of accessibility and equity. This commitment strengthens our campus community and equips our graduates with the experiences and cultural competencies that allow them to thrive.

It is imperative that while studying, living, and growing at SIU, each student feels the acceptance of the Saluki family. This requires the university to provide resources that recognize the unique challenges faced by students representing varied races, ethnicities, ages, genders, cultures, abilities, and family structures.

Please support the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Development Fund, to reinforce our dedication to building a more caring community and strengthening our solidarity as Salukis.  The fund provides the following:

EXPANDED RESOURCES. The Student Multicultural Resource Center is a necessary component of an inclusive, supportive campus environment. Expanding its services is pivotal to our commitment of nurturing a welcoming campus to all students.

DIVERSITY RECEPTION. Hosting an annual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Reception would highlight the university’s dedication to one of its key pillars of success. This event would draw focus to the university’s ongoing efforts and honor those who best represent this core principle.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Ensuring a strong, multicultural campus requires the university to aid students as they develop the professional skills that will allow them to reach their goals. This program will build on each student’s education and set them on a course toward continued success.

BRIDGING THE GAP. Every initiative must focus on bringing higher education within the reach of every student. Rarely is this need more apparent than when discussing the accessibility of a college degree for underrepresented students. Through need-based scholarships and financial aid programs, SIU fortifies its standing as a bastion of accessibility.

RECRUITMENT & ENGAGEMENT. Students come to college in search of an inclusive, engaging experience. By embracing our differences, we offer students a support network that guides them as they choose a college, course of study, and pathway to their bright future.

Your contribution is an investment in our students’ success.  We are thankful for your generosity.  You may also support:  

Dunbar Leadership Society Scholarship and Education Activities Fund:  The Dunbar Board in conjunction with the Associate Chancellor for Diversity will distributed the funds, in a weighted manner, to need-based and or merit-based scholarships, recruitment and retention initiatives, and programming allocations.

Women's Leadership Council Activity Fund:  Established in 2020, the Southern Illinois University Women's Leadership Council is a network of alumnae, parents, and friends who are committed to creating a culture of women-driven philanthropy at SIU and mentoring future generations of Salukis. 

Departments with the Most Gifts!
Check out which department has brought in the most gifts for SIU Day!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Balancing Education, Experience, & Reality Schp. 698
2 School of Medicine 372
3 Saluki Athletics 184
4 College of Agricultural, Life & Physical Sciences 147
5 College of Arts and Media 128
6 College of Health and Human Sciences 108
7 College of Engineering, Computing, Tech, & Math 91
8 School of Law 89
9 Marching Salukis 87
10 College of Business and Analytics 73
11 School of Education 59
12 Scholarships 58
13 Strong Survivors 54
14 College of Liberal Arts 52
15 Touch of Nature 50
16 Student Affairs 49
17 Morris Library 45
18 Student Multi-Cultural Resource Center 40
19 WSIU Public Broadcasting 32
20 Paul Simon Public Policy Institute 29
21 SIU Alumni Association 24
22 University Museum 23
23 SIU Arboretum 18
24 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 16
25 Green Roof Project 14
26 SIU Press 12
27 Civil Service Council Education Assistance Program 12
28 University Honors Program 10
29 Center for Archaeological Investigations 9
30 Center for International Education 6
31 Graduate School 5
32 Research 4
33 SIU Wellness and Health Promotion Services 3
Departments by Dollars Raised
Check out which Department has raised the most throughout SIU Day!
Rank Department Raised
1 College of Liberal Arts $723,265.96
2 School of Medicine $681,799.94
3 College of Business and Analytics $233,495.99
4 College of Agricultural, Life & Physical Sciences $188,666.93
5 College of Arts and Media $167,864.00
6 College of Engineering, Computing, Tech, & Math $136,400.00
7 Saluki Athletics $109,645.88
8 College of Health and Human Sciences $70,238.99
9 School of Education $62,395.00
10 Student Affairs $54,020.03
11 Balancing Education, Experience, & Reality Schp. $52,528.03
12 School of Law $34,630.21
13 SIU Alumni Association $28,575.00
14 Touch of Nature $25,860.00
15 Morris Library $11,280.00
16 Marching Salukis $9,434.95
17 Scholarships $7,907.64
18 Strong Survivors $6,080.00
19 Paul Simon Public Policy Institute $5,625.00
20 Student Multi-Cultural Resource Center $4,195.00
21 WSIU Public Broadcasting $3,480.00
22 University Museum $2,800.00
23 SIU Press $1,375.00
24 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion $1,205.00
25 SIU Arboretum $1,185.00
26 University Honors Program $1,045.00
27 Green Roof Project $1,005.00
28 Research $750.00
29 Civil Service Council Education Assistance Program $610.00
30 Center for Archaeological Investigations $475.00
31 Graduate School $427.00
32 Center for International Education $346.00
33 SIU Wellness and Health Promotion Services $105.00
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Rank State Gifts
1 IL 11
2 FL 2
3 MT 1
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