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The Education Assistance Program (EAP) was established in 1982 by the Civil Service Employees Council of SIU Carbondale to provide financial assistance for dependents of SIU civil service employees who attend SIU.  The Education Assistance Program is financed by employee contributions, income from an endowment fund, and proceeds from fund raising activities sponsored by the Civil Service Council.  Click here for more information. Below is a list of current scholarship recipients and the impact the scholarship has had on them.

Name:  Aren Abell

Hometown:  Carbondale, IL

Major:  Physiology

"I am honored to be a recipient of the Civil Service Council Educational Assistance Program Scholarship.  The funds received from this scholarship will help achieve my goal of obtaining a degree in the field of Science and pursuing my career in medicine.  I want to thank you for your support, and I look forward to continuing my education at SIU Carbondale.  I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness."

Name:  Jodee Harmon

Hometown: Benton, IL

Major: Journalism

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your generosity in funding the Civil Service Education Assistance Program.  I am so honored to have received this award.  This award will help me as I continue at SIU to reach my goal of obtaining a Bachelor's degree.  My passion for photojournalism stems from the desire to make changes in the world and impact lives, and this passion genuinely comes from the heart. This award will give me the opportunity to develop my skills of photojournalism and be prepared to help and inspire people every day through my work."

Name:  Garrett Morgenstern

Hometown:  DuQuoin, IL

Major:  Agribusiness Economics

"I am writing to thank you and the civil service committee for providing me the $200 scholarship per semester for child of a civil service employee. This award will help me meet the gap on my books and gas. Unfortunately, I was laid off last year from the part time job I have worked at since 15. My dream has been to go to siu. I enjoy commuting from DuQuoin and hope to stay in the area after I graduate to use my Ag degree. Thank you again."

Name:  Madison Lingle

Hometown:  Carbondale, IL

Major:  Nursing

"I would like to thank the Civil Service Council for their support toward my education. As a nursing student, this program has alleviated the financial stress of paying for out-of-pocket expenses such as textbooks, lab materials, and equipment. I am deeply appreciative of the Civil Service Council as they are helping me along the way to my dream career as a nurse!"

Name:  Lexie Lingle

Hometown:  Carbondale, IL

Major:  Accountancy

"My name is Lexie Lingle, and I am an Accounting major. I plan to use this scholarship award to help pay for my textbooks."

Name:  Jordyn Keith

Hometown:  Alto Pass, IL

Major:  Information Systems Technology

"The CSC Education Assistance Award has helped me immensely. It has allowed me to pay for my textbooks which enables me to achieve my goal of getting my degree in Information Systems Technology. I am grateful for this award. Go Dawgs!"

Name:  Dylan Houghland

Hometown:  Pinckneyville, IL

Major:  Civil Engineering

“I would like to thank the Civil Service Council for the Education Assistance Award.  I appreciate the hard work and dedication of each member.  This award will come in handy when purchasing books this semester”.

Name: Ethan Cheek

Hometown:  Pinckneyville, IL

Major:  Automotive Technology

"My name is Ethan Cheek and I am a sophomore from Pinckneyville, Illinois.  I am a third generation Saluki and the first in my family to study Automotive Technology.  I am thankful for the Civil Service Council's continued commitment to raise scholarship funds for dependents of civil service employees.  This scholarship will help with my tuition and books and it is greatly appreciated."

Name: James Moore

Hometown: Carterville, IL

Major:  Physical Therapy Assistant

"This award helps pay for books and is essential for my success as a student.  Thank you."

Name: Sydney Cook

Hometown: Murphysboro, IL

Major:  Horticulture

"My name is Sydney Cook and I am sincerely honored to be a recipient of the Civil Service Education Assistance Scholarship. Thank you for your generosity, which has helped offset the cost of books. As I continue my education at Southern Illinois University, your gift will allow me the time to work towards my horticulture major without having to worry about the cost."

Name: Alexis Stallman

Hometown: Herrin, IL 

Major:  Computer Science

"Hello, I am Alexis Stallman, I am a Computer Science Major.  This scholarship would help me be able to afford books and help me be able to focus more on my school work."

Name: Elijah Krawczykowski

Hometown: Carbondale, IL 

Major:  Business Undecided

"I'm majoring in business with an Emphasis on marketing. Any award money I receive will be used to ensure I have the materials I need to get a quality education and a wonderful experience."

Name: Olivia Capel

Hometown:  Anna, IL

Major: Accounting

"This award will help cover housing or tuition and fees."

Name: Andrew Hawkins

Hometown:  Cobden

Major: Nursing/Healthcare Management

"My name is Andrew Hawkins, and I would like to thank the SIU Civil Service Council for this award. This will help me purchase books and other needed supplies while I pursue my Bachelors of Nursing degree."

Name: Reuben Hawkins

Hometown:  Cobden

Major: Mechanical Engineering

"Hello, my name is Reuben Hawkins and I am going to SIU majoring in mechanical engineering. This scholarship will help cover expenses that will greatly help me focus more on receiving a good quality education."

Name: Gage McPhail

Hometown:  Marion, IL

Major: Computer and Electrical Engineering

Gage McPhail is an Engineering student working towards a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering.  Any scholarship award that Gage may receive will help him continue his education and complete his degree.  Gage lives off campus in Carbondale, so as a student his expenses are not just books and tuition, but internet service.  And as we all found out through the last year, internet and internet speed has become very valuable in a world of remote learning and online meetings!

Name: Madilyn Gawrych

Hometown:  Jonesboro, IL

Major: Public Relations/Marketing

"I am so excited to pursue my degree in Public Relations at SIU-C! I have always been proud to live in Southern Illinois, and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful university in our area.  Since I want the full college experience, I will be living on campus.  This scholarship will help pay for my tuition, books, and living expenses."

Name: Bailey West

Hometown:  Carterville, IL

Major: Nursing

"My name is Bailey West, and I am an incoming freshman majoring in Nursing.  I plan to use this scholarship to help with educational expenses."

Name: Gage Lingle

Hometown:  Alto Pass, IL

Major: Radio and Digital Media

"The reward would be used for tuition, textbook and all of the daily needs that are associated with obtaining my degree in digital voice over production."

Name: Ezekiel Hernandez

Hometown:  Cambria, IL

Major: Exercise Science

"I will be starting as a freshman at SIU in the fall majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Nutrition. I am interested in helping people be as healthy as possible and achieve the best quality of life they can. This scholarship will help me achieve my educational goals at SIU. Thank you for considering me for this award."


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