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A decade ago, a group of innovative individuals at SIU established the first Green Roof on Southern Illinois University Carbondale's Agriculture Building. We are dedicated to innovation in research and creativity on campus. Our project is transforming the SIU Green Roof into a multidisciplinary innovation hub for hands-on learning and teaching sustainability in the community and providing opportunities for future Salukis to explore their passion!

Our multidisciplinary and cross-university team of undergraduate and graduate students envision a green space for any student, regardless of major, to have opportunities to discover their passions. Our target audience are STEM students for actualizing their design and research. However, instead of asking for projects and involvement, our team is showcasing opportunities through unique engineering projects. These projects have inspired students to pursue renewable energy and sustainability related projects! Click Here to read our current impact

We Need Your Help By Donating Towards Our Student Designed Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy Installation Projects

Solar Photovoltaics:

  • GOAL: install a student designed grid-tied solar energy system on the Agriculture Building. 
  • WHY: Provides a hands-on renewable energy experience. 
  • WHY: Offset campus power consumption. 
  • We will use funds towards planning, equipment purchase, and installation.

Small Wind Turbine:

  • GOAL: install several student-designed small wind turbine on several campus buildings. 
  • WHY: Provides a hands-on renewable energy experience. 
  • WHY: Inspire innovation and a sustainability mindset in students and campus visitors. 
  • We will use funds to purchase generators, metal for manufacturing the mounts, and project installation.

Watch Team Members, Brady Kelkhoff and Gustavo Felicio-Perruci, tell why the College of Engineering's Machine Shop enabled our project to succeed.

SIU Alumni, Austin Little, talks about his involvement with the Green Roof over the years from his research to interests to impact for future students.

Who Is The Green Roof Team?

We are a group of students from various disciplines and universities collaborating together to create change and transform a green space into a multidisciplinary innovation hub. This group is primarily composed of engineering, computer science, and STEM students working on the low-cost engineering projects to show and inspire students of the abundance of opportunities.

Plant biology graduate student, Breanna Whitley, talks about the impact the Green Roof makes socially and environmentally on campus!

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