SIU Clinical Center

The SIU Clinical Center was established 64 years ago by Delyte Morris (President of SIU from 1948 to 1970). The clinic was created to provide graduate student clinicians an intensive and carefully supervised clinical training environment/experience. All clinical work is supervised by licensed faculty and staff clinicians. Students from several nationally accredited graduate programs at SIU, deliver direct clinical service to the community in the areas of mental health and speech and languages services. We serve children, teens, and adults across all service areas. Student clinicians are evaluated on their knowledge, delivery, and competency of best practice treatments.  

Currently, the Clinical Center is a training environment for students in Clinical Psychology (child and adult tracts), Counselor and Rehab Education, Social Work, and Communication Disorders.  As a multidisciplinary clinic, student clinicians have a number of collaborative training and service delivery opportunities. Clients who are served by our clinicians receive accessible, supervised, clinical services based on established best practices.  

-The Clinical Center offers services on a sliding scale to ensure accessibility.  

 -Funding support can help the clinic cover the cost of technology 

-Hiring additional clinical supervisors 

-Creating training opportunities and program development for staff and students 

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