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A financial contribution to The Center for Teaching Excellence is a direct investment into the central hub of the SIUC campus. Every instructional support activity we provide, every training we lead, and every service call we answer for classroom technology support increases the quality of teaching and learning at SIUC. A contribution to the CTE is actually an investment. It’s an investment to improve faculty teaching, student learning, and student retentions. Here’s why:

CTE is the unit that provides training and development for our faculty. According to a study by the consulting firm Accenture, there is a 5x return on investments in professional development. This means your $100 contribution today will have $500 impact on the SIU community.

CTE is the unit that maintains our Learning Management System and offers ongoing training to instructors so that they can deliver high-quality and engaging content to SIUC students whenever and wherever they need it—from home, from work, or from campus. We make it possible to deliver instruction to students who otherwise would not have access to the world-class Saluki learning experience.

CTE is the unit that maintains over 130 classrooms and their ever-evolving technology. We install classroom technology that is accessible and adaptive so that any uniquely-enabled student can attend and engage with lectures, no matter their cognitive or physical ability.

We are investing in top-of-the-line audio-visual equipment so that students can attend lectures in-person or remotely. Thanks to the financial support of donors like you, we have one of the best classroom sound systems in a 200-mile radius of campus.

CTE is the unit that offers spaces and places to create engaging video content, support with material digitization to enable online learning for blind students, and instructor evaluations for continuous feedback and learning.  

And, right now, we’re focused on energizing our faculty and moving the campus forward through strategic investments and upgrades in our instructional technology and classroom infrastructure. We’re developing new ways of delivering training and amplifying the types of training we offer. This year we have seen a 200% month-over-month increase in faculty attending workshops.

Currently, we are focused on offering 15-minute micro-lessons and workshops, as well as purchasing technology to assist our instructors with the positive application of HyFlex teaching and Artificial Intelligence.

On this Day of Giving, we are asking you to donate a modest amount of money to support our faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and students with a contribution to the CTE. $100 would be awesome, but even $5 will make an impact.

Invest in the Center for Teaching Excellence, so our instructors continue to receive the training and technology they need to launch our students’ careers and propel them towards greatness.

Groups with the Most Gifts!
Check out which groups have brought in the most gifts for SIU Day!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Balancing Education, Experience, & Reality Schp. 837
2 WSIU Public Broadcasting 765
3 Saluki Athletics 299
4 School of Medicine 260
5 College of Engineering, Computing, Tech, & Math 250
Groups by Dollars Raised
Check out which Groups have raised the most throughout SIU Day!
Rank Department Raised
1 College of Business and Analytics $819,120.00
2 School of Medicine $652,035.00
3 College of Liberal Arts $488,031.00
4 College of Engineering, Computing, Tech, & Math $156,525.00
5 Touch of Nature $123,855.50
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